and now for something completely different.

(and it’s not the bread documentation I still need to post from A&S)

The Kingdom of Calontir is hosting a clothing challenge!

Let’s rewind a bit here and explain.

Before everything hit, I planned to make a 14th century outfit for Estrella 2021. I bought the fabric early on in the whole covid-madness, and decided heck, this will be good.

I then, of course, proceeded to spend several months dealing with a bunch of other things, losing the crafting muse, enjoying that body changing that comes with stress, and just going ‘blarg, no, later’. Well, this challenge comes along, and so I’ll be doing it. Because the group motivation of such things helps, and I’ve got a plan that should help somewhat with the

So now, let’s talk about the plan!

I’m planning on doing something mostly-generic late 14th century-ish. (I’ve entered in Modern Recreation because no way in hells can I document the color and pattern choices.)

The goal (since I need four layers, one of which is ‘non sewing’) is as follows:

  • white, long-sleeved, shift
  • linen, sleeveless, kirtle
  • particolored cotehardie (one half white ravens on red, one half white horses on blue. yes, my heraldry has a blue horse on white, but I suspected white would be a bad plan for an overdress and decided to reverse colors for sanity)
  • glass beads for necklace and rosary/paternoster

(Since making this, I also realized that for sanity, I needed a hat and at *least* a veil. So those will be made as well, and should make me feel better about being properly dressed. I’m also wondering if I have the leather on-hand for shoes…)

Most of my materials are gathered, but they need to be serged, washed, and ironed – which is my goal this week. I’m also going to go hunting down the linen I’ve got, and at least see what’s needed for a veil, so that I have some handwork while I’m working.

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