On backlogs, non-Viking arts, and ‘oh, shit!’

This has been half written for about a month. I have no excuses for not posting..

One of the downsides of having spent awhile not actually making art is that I have various things I’ve promised that just haven’t actually been made. And now, I’m trying to get them finished before I move onto other things.

This is hard, because when I have so much I want to make, I want to dive into new things. However, I think that it’s important to finish what you have done before moving onto new things. It helps to make sure that you know what the problems you’re encountering are, and to figure how best to work with it and improve the next time around.

I have, recently, finished up several things that were in my queue for… way to long. Specifically, the print for a scroll and the embroidery for the award to go with it. A very good friend had long ago gotten an award, but not associated pieces. My husband asked me to take care of it, and I did – again, finally. Now, all I have left are two bags (one of which was a Christmas present… I should have it done by the end of the month).


Now, in an earlier post, I talked about the goals this year. They have, however, become rather muted as the next several months are to be spent working on some projects for my husband. At Atenveldt May Coronation he was asked to join the orders of the Laurel and the Pelican. Yes, both of them. He’s answering in early September, and so I have some sewing to do.

I’m learning about SCA project management, which is useful, as sewing everyting myself is *not* an option here. I’ll be spending some time rummaging through Russian clothing and sewing for myself (as I have been told that I need new clothing), and a kaftan for him. My goal is for that to only sew aforementioned kaftan and my clothing.

And *that* I will be documenting.

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