This Year’s Goals

So, because I am in the SCA, I tend to organize my life around major events. For me, that is Estrella – it’s a large event that I go to every year. Plus, as it’s in February, it means my ‘end of year rush’ is in January/February, instead of November/December.

Much more sane.

This year, as I’ve decided to take things slow and start with the basics, I have a few projects that I want to start with. Things that will help me have a basic, simple, kit that I can then build off of. They’re also going to either teach me new skills (like the bone carving) or will push my current skills further (hand-sewing an entire dress). All photos taken from Spurensuche Haithabu, which will be my bible for the forseeable future.


1: A hand-sewn linen dress. 

I have a dress pattern that fits me, and I’m going to use that. While perhaps not completely accurate, it’s one I’m familiar with machine sewing and I feel good in. Being as I’m on the larger end of the spectrum, I want something that I will be comfortable in and not feel as if I’m just wearing because I should. The particular pattern is one that I like, and I can work with.


2. A Thors hammer pendant.

For the moment, I’m going to need to hold back on my bling, which means my treasure necklaces aren’t going to be coming out as often. However, that doesn’t mean I need to go completely without. Small amulets (and probably some glass out of my stash) will help me feel a bit more complete.



3. Several bone pins.

I need pins. They’re useful for just about everything, and I want to see where I can use them. With the variety that’s available, I figure I can make a few and use them for various items from holding stuff together to hanging items from my dress to keeping my hair up or securing a headwrap. (This is something I need to play more with as well.)



4. Another set of wooden bag handles and the bag to go with it.

I’ve actually made this before, using a bag pattern for one pulled out of Birka harbor in the last few years. I love the bag, but it does need to be remade, and there are several things I would change on V2. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, and this is a very good reason to do so. Specifically, I’m likely going to make one of the ones that’s curved, instead of jagged, like the bottom one.


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