On Peerage Projects

When the husband was offered his peerages, a good friend told me something to the effect of I’d get a crash course in project management. I laughed, agreed with her, and didn’t think much about it.


But she’s far from wrong.  As I’ve learned. Am learning. And am probably causing the laurel and at least on auxiliary laurel to have headaches.


So, project management, let’s talk that.  To oversimplify it’s the art of making sure that everything is done and done on time. In this case, that means coordinating clothing, items of regalia, people for the ceremony, stuff for the plaurican party (location/help/food), and whatever random things show up and get thrown at us. It’s the matter of moving things from one spot to another, and making sure that everything gets done on time.

The biggest thing with this is that I had to realize I couldn’t do it myself. That doing it myself wasn’t even close to sensible and that I needed to step away from the start and delegate. I’ve also had to realize that maybe my initial plans of doing three things counted as a bit ambitious. (Well, more that it was doable, but my sanity may not be.) Mercifully, I have SCA family that will help. It’s not in the least possible to have done this without them, and without the occasional text of ‘oh my gods, could you do this?!’

This post is a placeholder of sorts. It’s a reminder that I need to do a few posts about the projects I’m working on for this, and how things are going.


And now, back to the grindstone for me!

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