Spring Project Roundup

Atenveldt Coronation is done and behind us, which is good. My laurel, Ian’ka, and her husband, Ivan, stepped up as Queen and King, and so things were pretty busy. When it’s members of your household who are reigning, things are always mostly on.

Okay, really busy. But we made them work and it came together really well. And then I ditched my household at Champions to hit the Iris van Herpen show at the Phoenix Art Museum, which was very much worth it.

Anyway, back to the art and projects. Somewhere in the middle of all of the madness, I decided that I’d like to start making a list of things that I’d finished. After all, it really wasn’t much, right? Last year, I was horrible about making things and getting them finished. The weasels were breeding, and I needed to find a way to help counter them.

It ended up being a pleasant surprise, because so far, here’s what I’ve made this year.

  • Hat for new laurel.

Done in wool and Oslo Stitch. My original plan was to embroider the leaves on it, but I couldn’t get results that I wanted, so I ended up appliquéing it. The bell at the tip was stolen from a household member.


  • Hat

Commissioned for their anniversary by her husband. Wool, Oslo, the usual!


  • Hat

Gods damn it, I didn’t take a photo of this. But it’s done in wool and Oslo. If I get one, I’ll edit and add.


  • Hat for a child

What happens when you learn a new stitch, and get so focused in it that you’re stupid and don’t measure properly that it’ll fit the intended the recipient? Well, at least my laurel’s son got a new hat he loves. Wool and Dalby stitch.


  • Clothing for a child

For Coronation weekend, I cut and did the straight-sewing of a pair of tunics – which of course, I didn’t take photos of. But I do have one photo of the pants. Which also came with the lesson that I shouldn’t close up the opening in the pants, so that it can be adjusted. At least it was too large, and it’s an easy fix…


  • Hat

Oslo, two colors, wool. Done as an auction item for a kingdom fundraiser.


  • 2 apron dresses
  • 2 underdresses

The set on the left is mine, and the set of the right is for a friend. There’s actual color in mine, which is the left-hand one, because of a long-standing side-eye I’ve gotten about my color choices… As for the right, well, that’s for a friend. I may have promised her the set for my husband’s Plaurican ceremony, but as we can see, it’s been awhile. The inside seams need to be finished, but other than that, totally done. Actually, really happy with the results.


  • 2 leaves for a friend’s laureling

Done in wool, and in a version of applique/intarsia/etc. I do love stuff like this, and reminded me someday I’ll actually look more at that Masku Pall…


What’s Left/The Backlog/Etc

Here’s what’s left to finish, and then I’m mostly in the clear. If I have photos, they’re being posted but may not reflect the current state of the project.

  • Tourney prize

This was a prize for a tourney about 18 months ago. It’s been a rough period… Luckily, the person’s been understanding. The pieces are all cut and need to be assembled at this point. All wool, except for the lining.


  • Bag for friend

Wooden-handled bag. Will be in wool. Have all the parts/supplies, except trim for the strap.


  • Gloves for friend

In exchange for massive amounts of help for the Plaurican ceremony (and his kaftan…), I may have promised “all the naalbinding.” The gloves just need thumbs, and then I’m doing the hat. Oslo stitch, and Spincycle Yarns’ Independence in Pussywillow.


  • Bag for my laurel

The main design is done, and most of the pieces are cut out. but I’m planning on holding off and giving it to her when she steps down as Queen.

  • Bag for my husband

No, I haven’t started this at all. It’s the big, semi-personal, summer project, though.

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