Reset Time

I tend to view my year as Estrella to Estrella. It gives me a nice, solid, easy, timeline that I can follow and helps to make sure that my projects are completed completely in time for when they’re needed. (At least in theory.)


(This is almost a month after war – I am well aware of that fact. But I’ve been both busy and getting some things taken care of, and the Plaurican is now off at Gulf, so… yeah.)

Absolutely nothing was done by me at War. Seriously. It was *excellent*, and while I feel kind of guilty, it was also exactly what I needed here. The brain is still in a state of flux (I’ve learned – though experience and lots of professional help) and so that’s also been the cause of the laziness. Sort of letting everything reset, and realizing it was good.

So, anyway – I ended up spending a large chunk of time hanging out with people I like, talking art and food, my A&S plans, and A&S in this kingdom (and others) in general. I’ve got a rough idea of what I want to do over the next year and some things that I want to put into place. I’m going to try and make myself remember to write about those and work on setting into motion.


So this is just a check-in post, really. A reminder that I’m here, and that I do have work I need to do and plans to fulfill. For now, though… I’ve got a naalbound hat to finish.

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