How Hard Can It Be?

This is the blog/story of one Eyvor Halldorsdottir, otherwise known as Willa. A member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, residing in the Kingdom of Atenveldt (Arizona!), this is intended to be a place for me to discuss both my journey in the arts and sciences, as well as the possibility of general observations about the Society and how things are done both here and elsewhere.

My tastes run very heavily Viking, and after much thought, I’ve decided I’ll try and focus my interests on Haithabu/Hedeby. This gives me a place to start and to keep my efforts focused around. Specifically, I’d like to try for a middle-class woman impression.

(My husband, meanwhile, is interested in Russian culture, and seems to be lurking around Novgorod a few hundred years after I. You’ll certainly end up finding things that I do for him here as well.)

So, in conclusion, welcome!


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